Thursday, July 15, 2021

Heavy weight robots dancing like Professionals, and they can do it better than most people in the true 'Dirty Dancing' style.

Robot Dancing

Robotics, on the other hand, has advanced considerably over the last two decades, demonstrating that the day when robots and humans work side by side is closer than ever. All of this is because to businesses like Boston Dynamics, who have honed the machines' agility to previously unseen levels. And, as the corporation has been demonstrating in recent years, they no longer stumble on the stairs.

Robots perform choreography to the tune of Dirty Dancing.



The robots can now confidently jump and make all kinds of lovely pirouettes. They can also move over uneven terrain to assist in rescue operations, withstand practically any impact, and dance to any tune without missing a beat. The Boston Dynamics company put several of its most recognizable robots to dance just a few hours ago to celebrate the holidays. They haven't performed a simple choreography, either.

As though they were Frances Houseman and Johnny Castle, the characters of this video danced to the iconic Do You Love Me by The Contours. A song from the iconic Dirty Dancing, a song that defined an entire age. One of the humanoid robots, for starters, begins to jump and move his hips better than most people. They also effortlessly snap their fingers and replicate some of the choreography's most recognizable motions.

He is not, however, alone. The Boston Dynamics team shows us a second robot following in the footsteps of the humanoid robot as it dances to the tune. Both repeat each stride in tandem, as if they were a dancing partner, exhibiting excellent coordination. They aren't the only ones on the dance floor, though. Spot Mini, the company's robotic dog, is activated after a few seconds. A robot that assists doctors in dealing with COVID-19 and isn't afraid to come out on the dance floor when asked.

There's also a third form of robot that, despite its massive size, has the capacity to dance. In this way, the Boston Dynamics squad concludes its 2020 season and looks forward to a much better 2021.

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