Tuesday, July 27, 2021

LG Electronics new delivery robot


lg robot
LG Electronics

LG Electronics has unveiled its new delivery robot, which it hopes will take the rapid delivery market by storm.

 The South Korean firm demonstrated its brainchild at the International Robot Society Conference, claiming that it can move both indoors and out. The delivery robot is equipped with four wheels. The delivery robot is equipped with four wheels. LG

 LG Electronics exited the cell phone market in April of this year and has since focused on the development of other technical products. During the International Robot Society Conference on July 13, the South Korean business unveiled its new delivery robot.

 LG Electronics hopes to "lead the fast delivery robot market" with this gadget. This area is expected to grow rapidly, so these types of robots will become increasingly in demand.

 According to the business, the robot can travel freely both indoors and outdoors and can avoid impediments and go forward even when the ground is uneven. The machine moves for this duty thanks to four wheels that change in size depending on the surface they are treading on.

 Until now, the brand's delivery robots had only been able to function indoors. However, they had never been able to transport them outside. Now, with this statement, they guarantee a robot that can move freely in both environments.

 LG Electronics has stated that after undergoing several tests, it expects to be ready to test its creation by the end of 2021. The company will be able to expand its delivery operations as a result of this.

 LG Boston Robotics Lab was founded in Boston early last year by the multinational. They've been working on next-generation robotic technology with motion intelligence alongside Kim Sang-bae, a professor of mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). 


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