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SOPHIA Humanoid Robot


SOPHIA humanoid robot

SOPHIA, Humanoid Robot

Hanson Robotic's Sophia is the most important creation of David Hanson, a robotics engineer who in 2013 decided to establish his own company: Hanson Robotics. 

Humanoid Robot Sophia, created in 2016, is a robot, but not only from a mechanical point of view, but also in the sense of having a high-level artificial intelligence brain that allows it to process unstructured language, that is, beyond responding or interacting with something already programmed, Sophia has the ability to learn new answers, increase its knowledge every time it interact with a human being, which is a basic example of Artificial Intelligence and machine  

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

Sophia is capable of holding conversations, demonstrating through its face similar gestures to those of people. gestures similar to those of people. Sophia's appearance is humanoid, i.e., it has a face, arms, hands and that is, she has a face, arms, hands and, most attractive, are her gestures, which add a differentiating element to the which add a differentiating element to the interaction.   

This translates into a variability of its communication where it shows facial, superficial emotions, while remaining what it is, a robot of advanced conditions and very human appearance.

Sophia is an obvious element of these developments on a global scale. In Medellin, Sophia provides a concept of certainty and curiosity at the same time, since it becomes a motivating factor to encourage young people, companies in the sector and universities themselves, to learn, work collaboratively and propose projects that solve human needs through artificial intelligence.  

Medellin, as an innovative city and with the great talent it has in schools, universities and companies, can open and consolidate a broad and competitive labor spectrum. Curiosity feeds science, and with it the participation of great projects of the country that arise from the city from the visit and curiosity that Sophia awakens.   

Some curiosities about Sophia:  

- She is the first humanoid with advanced artificial intelligence that has been created on the planet.

- Sophia was developed in the image and likeness of Audrey Hepburn, Hollywood actress and model.  

- Sophia can display 62 human facial expressions.  

- With her visit to the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana and Medellín, it will be the first time she will be in South America and the first time in South America and, specifically, the first time in Colombia. Colombia.  

- In 2017, Saudi Arabia granted her Saudi citizenship. First robot to have a nationality.

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