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Toyota's robot butler - to assist the elderly with housework

 Toyota's latest robot butler will assist you with daily tasks.


 Image: theverge

The machine, according to the Japanese company, has a technology that allows it to sense space in 3D, making item recognition easier.

The robot is intended to assist the elderly with housework. The robot is intended to assist the elderly with housework. Toyota Research Institute is a non-profit organization that does

In the world of robotics, humans have come a long way. Small technologies that turn our homes into smart homes have become almost vital for many people in recent years.

Toyota aims to collaborate with the growing amount of technology dedicated to making domestic duties easier. The Japanese company recently released a video in which they demonstrate their new robot accomplishing activities that previously appeared to be too difficult for a machine to complete.

Cleaning tables, picking up objects, filming itself, maneuvering through various areas, and so forth. This robot can carry out a variety of duties while navigating around the house and avoiding obstacles. The home appliance, according to Engadget, can even detect items from their reflections.

Most robots are programmed to react to the things and geometry in front of them, according to the specialized automotive maker, but they are unable to properly differentiate space.

As a result, Toyota intended to use a different technique so that its robots could "perceive the scene's 3D geometry while also recognizing objects and surfaces."

But, what do they hope to achieve by making this change? As seen in the video, the robot can purposely hold transparent glasses when cleaning them, thanks to this innovative technology created by Toyota.

According to Max Bajracharya, vice president of robotics at Toyota Research Institute, the goal of this initiative is to assist everyone, but notably the elderly. According to Bajracharya, "because of the diversity and complexity of our houses, where simple activities can become enormous issues," this technology "poses specific obstacles."

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