Monday, August 2, 2021

A biped robot 5 kilometers run

 On a single battery charge, this biped robot can run 5 kilometers in under an hour.

cassie robot
image: Wikimedia

For the time being, it won't be able to defeat you in a race, but it's a start.

Robotics continues to improve, and while Boston Dynamics' products are usually the most popular, at least on the internet, numerous colleges and universities are working on their own creations. The biped robot at Oregon State University in the United States has already taken a significant stride forward.

Or, to be more precise, a series of steps. Cassie, the university's robot, has successfully completed a 5-kilometer route while running at a modest but constant speed. A single battery charge was used to complete the course, which took 53 minutes.



This is the first bipedal robot to perform such a long outdoor run, according to Agility Robotics, Cassie's developers in college. According to its inventors, the aim for this robot, which is not totally autonomous but operates via remote control and machine learning, is that it will continue to improve until similar robots can deliver mail and assist with home duties.

Biped robots have the advantage of being able to access areas that would be impossible for a quadruped robot to reach, but they are less stable. However, the thought of such robots as office assistants or, in the future, even in homes assisting individuals with mobility disabilities or the elderly is intriguing, and this is precisely what Cassie's developers are striving for in their development.

Cassie won't be particularly quick, at least for the time being, but she could be incredibly handy.

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