Sunday, October 10, 2021

Leonardo Walking Drone - the world's first flying and walking drone.

This two-legged flying robot is capable of skating and tightrope walking.

Leonardo walking drone

Caltech researchers have created a bipedal robot that integrates walking and flying to produce a new sort of mobility that allows it to be extremely flexible and perform complex moves.

Leonardo (short for "legs on board drone") is the name of the world's first drone that not only flies but also walks.

The California Institute of Technology (Caltech) created this strange gadget, which is now a prototype of what may be a flying biped robot capable of executing a variety of aerial and ground missions.

The engineers were inspired by nature, particularly birds, because these species can readily fly and walk. As a result, if the drone finds itself in a difficult situation on the ground, it can soar like a bird.

The prototype stands 75 centimeters tall and weighs 2.58 kilos. It also includes two thin, stable legs with which it can walk and stand upright, as well as four propellers on top that allow it to fly.

The goal of this effort, according to the researchers, was to provide "unprecedented walking capability, tackling the issues created by hybrid locomotion."

The bad news, according to the experts, is that this prototype now consumes a lot of energy and is inefficient in flight, so several details still need to be worked out.

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