Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Pazzi robotic pizzeria - France's first robotic pizzeria.

A robot at the eatery that can cook 80 pizzas in an hour.

robotic pizzeria                         

Pazzi, France's first robotic pizzeria, is now open. A robot capable of cooking 80 pizzas every hour has taken the position of waiters and cooks at the restaurant, creating a culinary and technological extravaganza. In the Beaubourg district, the innovative restaurant is placed in front of the Pompidou Art and Culture Center (France).

Making pizzas in a new way

Entrepreneurs Cyril Hamon and Sébastien Roverso have opened a pizzeria where the cook is a robot operating from a glassed-in kitchen under the watchful eyes of the clients, after seven years of research and development.

The 30-engineer artificially intelligent bot is in charge of spreading out the dough, pouring the ingredients, and placing the pizza in the oven. The machine can also take orders and deliver sliced meals to customers in boxes.

Pazzi also provides a highly personalized service, as it produces the pizza with the exact amount of ingredients requested by the customer and corrects any flaws.

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The entrepreneurs, the robot's developers, set out with the goal of promptly delivering high-quality, low-cost pizzas from the start of the project. And it appears that they have succeeded, since this strange chef can make 80 pizzas per hour, one every 45 minutes. Customers' opinions on the quality of the cuisine are also favorable, according to some online evaluations.

A restaurant that is entirely digital

This restaurant is an example of technological advancement because, in addition to the pizza maker, it provides a digital service from ordering to pick-up.

The creation process is displayed on Pazzi's screens, and you can pick up your order using a scanner-equipped system. Food can be taken away or consumed on the premises.

Similarly, the pizzeria has a team of engineers working remotely to take control of the robot in the event that something goes wrong.

The robot does not work alone, even though there are no waiters or cooks. Thierry Graffagnino, a well-known culinary consultant, assists the robot in ensuring that the pizzas, which range in price from 7 to 14 euros, are excellent.

Another illustration of how technology is progressing is Pazzi. Many clients, however, still prefer the actual thing, where the worker is a real person with flesh and blood. There are still plenty of restaurants, taverns, and pubs for them. Pazzi, on the other hand, is a more than viable option for the most technologically advanced.

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