Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Xiaomi's CyberDog - An alternative to Boston Dynamics $70,000 robot dog

 Xiaomi's CyberDog is a robot dog that costs 60 times less than Boston Dynamics' robot dog. 

Xiaomi's CyberDog

The Chinese firm unveils its first robot, clearly inspired by Boston Dynamics' work over the years.

Spot, Boston Dynamics' robot dog, already has competitors, and it is made in China at a fraction of the cost of the American model.

It's called CyberDog, and it's Xiaomi's most recent development. It moves on all fours, just like Spot, and has some of the same talents as Spot, such as the ability to back flip.

It moves a little more slowly than the rivals. It moves about 3.2 meters per second, compared to roughly 4 meters per second for Spot. On paper, the differences appear to be minor.

CyberDog, like Spot, has many sensors and cameras to assist it navigate its environment, and three USB-C connectors and an HDMI port allow it to be expanded with various modules.

The pricing is the most significant difference. At the current currency rate, Spot, which is already being deployed on a trial basis by numerous security agencies and even some countries' armies, costs around 65,000 euros.

Instead, Xiaomi will sell the first 1,000 CyberDog versions for around 1,315 euros, which is 49 times less.

In fact, the business touts it as a robot that can be used as a pet in the launch press release, with the ability to understand and respond to voice orders. The built-in sensors of CyberDog also allow it to track a face in a crowd.

However, similar to Boston Dynamics' Spot, Xiaomi sees CyberDog as a platform rather than a finished product. "Xiaomi fans, engineers, and robotics aficionados to explore the tremendous possibilities of CyberDog," according to the press release.

CyberDog's software is also 100 percent open source, according to the business, which wants to build a community of developers around the product from which to evaluate further robotics releases.

Article by Gerluxe Image: prostomob

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