Sunday, November 14, 2021

Amazon introduces its first home robot: it's called Astro and will cost $999

 Amazon unveils its first home robot, Astro, which will cost $999.

amazon astro

The Alexa intelligent assistant is used by the robot, which has a screen and camera. It also has video surveillance capabilities.

Amazon has revealed Astro, a personal assistant on wheels with a camera and screen, as its first house robot. Astro is a video surveillance system that patrols the home and lets users to access Alexa's personal assistant services as well as watch videos or make video calls using its touchscreen. The robot will cost $999 and will be available in the United States on a limited basis before the end of the year.

Astro has a camera mounted on a periscope that allows it to perform video surveillance while wandering the house, allowing us to get videos while we are away. It can also send a text message to the homeowner's phone if there are any negative consequences. It can also be used to assist in the care of the elderly or to keep an eye on a pet from afar.

Sensors identify and avoid impediments in the route of the device, which moves independently after mapping the house. Astro can either follow the user about the house or be told to go to a certain room. It is also possible to set it up so that it does not access particular locations and that the cameras and microphones are turned off when not in use.

The user will be able to engage with Alexa, the personal assistant, just as he can with the Echo Show series of gadgets with screens. As a result, the robot's 10-inch screen will be able to play music or videos. It also includes a camera for usage as a video conferencing device.

It includes a little compartment in the back that allows it to transfer light objects from one location in the house to another. It can, for example, store medication and schedule delivery to an elderly person. It goes to its charging station when it needs to be charged. However, unlike Roomba-style robots, it does not have cleaning capabilities.

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