Thursday, November 4, 2021

Cobi, a robotic arm that can administer vaccines

This is how Cobi, a robotic arm that can administer vaccines without the use of hypodermic needles while also protecting healthcare workers, operates.


Cobi robotic arm

Vaccines may be administered by a robot rather than a person if we are unfortunate enough to experience another epidemic. Cobionix, a Canadian startup, has been developing 'Cobi,' an autonomous robotic arm capable of administering intramuscular vaccines without the use of needles.

To expedite and automate the immunization process, Cobi uses cameras and LiDAR sensors. The patient enters, takes a seat at your side, and follows the directions displayed on a screen. The person's ID is scanned by a camera, and sensors direct him to stand with his arm in front of him while cleaning the injection site with alcohol swabs.

Single-dose capsules are picked up by the robot from a conveniently located and prepared storage facility. Once it has one, it proceeds to the patient's arm and clings to it in order to "shoot" the liquid at a high enough pressure to pass through the skin through a hair-sized hole. The "prick" itself lasts roughly a second.

The single-dose capsule is discarded in a medical waste compartment once the vaccine has been injected, and the patient cleanses his or her arm again.

This technology uses a laser instead of needles to inject vaccines under the skin, and it's becoming better all the time.

Healthcare professionals would not be exposed to the risk of contagion by delegating immunization to Cobi, as has done in all nations with COVID. Furthermore, a robot does not become fatigued or make blunders as a result of a weak pulse.

With fleets of these autonomous arms deployed throughout the country, we could vaccinate more individuals for longer periods of time, saving money and time in places where workers are under-trained. Cobi might be a reality in two years, according to officials.

 Article by Gerluxe image: newatlas

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