Sunday, November 21, 2021

Future robots will be able to open doors

 They're already teaching robots to unlock doors and even recharge.


Future robots will most likely be able to open doors, allowing them more autonomy.

Over the last few decades, robotics has advanced by leaps and bounds, with a plethora of robots assisting us in factories, surveillance, and even exploration. However, one thing robots still cannot do is open doors, which is an essential component if they are to be a little closer in efficiency to a human being.

Opening a door is difficult for a robot, particularly due to the large number of handles and knobs that it must learn to grasp as well as move in order to open the door.

Fortunately, students at the University of Cincinnati in the United States are currently working on an autonomous robot that can open doors and find an electrical outlet to recharge.

In theory, they hope to apply this finding to existing robots in airports, hospitals, and offices to make them more independent, capable of being recharged without human interaction, and capable of opening doors when necessary.

This discovery, which was published in the journal IEEE Access, is still in its early stages, because an autonomous robot capable of opening a door "has numerous obstacles," according to Yufeng Sun, a PhD student and lead author of the study.

To open a door, a robot must first comprehend how much force to apply, as well as the thousands of various types of doors that exist.

The researchers first attempted to scan an entire area in order to build 3D models for the robots, but this process is time-consuming and only works for a specific room that has already been scanned.

This is why the students are using machine learning to solve this problem by allowing the robot to teach itself how to open a door. While this may take a long time at first, it will get faster as it learns from its mistakes.


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