Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Little White Dragon, the robot unicorn designed to play with children

Little White Dragon is a robot unicorn that was created to interact with youngsters.


robot unicorn


Little White Dragon, a unicorn-shaped robot with artificial intelligence designed to play with and carry youngsters, has been revealed by a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer.

The field of robotics is expanding at a breakneck pace, and you can now find devices of various shapes and sizes. While robots assist in bars and cafeterias in Spain, other countries are betting on giving these clever androids animal forms ranging from dogs to unicorns.


Xpeng, a Chinese electric car maker, has shared a sneak peek of its latest project on Twitter: a four-legged unicorn robot made for children, which it intends to debut shortly and will be its first intelligent vehicle.

Little White Dragon, as the unicorn robot is known, is said to be equipped with various power modules, obstacle and object detection systems, autonomous movement, voice and facial recognition, and intelligent emotional connection capabilities, according to the business.

A children's automobile

The unicorn robot has a screen at eye level on which it may display numerous images and icons reflecting various emotions. As a result, a robot that can interact with children, however it is primarily designed to serve as a vehicle for youngsters.

Children's robot in the shape of a unicorn

Despite the fact that the Chinese company has yet to display a physical prototype of the unicorn robot or provide a timeline for its production and marketing, it has produced a video and some photographs of the machine. Furthermore, the product's dimensions are unknown, though it appears in the movie that it will be as tall as a toddler.

The unicorn robot will become a reality in the future, and because it is a product aimed at children, it is likely to contain basic safety features to prevent injuries and mishaps. The maximum speed, for example, should not be very high, and it should have a strong balance system.

A working model

Some of the functions of this unicorn robot are demonstrated in the movie, such as its capacity to move autonomously, object detection, and the ability to maintain rudimentary dialogue with a child using facial and voice recognition technologies.

However, because it is merely a prototype at the present, some of the features displayed may not be included, and it may arrive with new and unknown functions. For the time being, all we can do is wait for Xpeng to provide further information on this strange machine.

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