Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Samsung Bot Care and Bot Handy are home robots personal assistants

Samsung Bot Care and Bot Handy are home robots that wish to be our personal assistants.

Samsung Bot Care


Our homes have long been invaded by domestic robots. Consumers may now get their hands on a highly powerful and fairly priced vacuum cleaner, floor sweeper, or kitchen robot, among other possibilities, thanks to artificial intelligence's phenomenal progress over the previous decade. These devices, however, are still a long way from the robotic home aides depicted in science fiction films.

Samsung has taken a startling stride forward in the field of home robotics during its presentation at the virtual CES, which began today. And is that it has launched two home robots that are loaded with artificial intelligence and designed to work as a personal assistant and take care of many of the household chores that most users, no doubt, would appreciate being free of. They're the Bot Care and Bot Handy robots, and they're truly incredible.

Samsung Bot Care is a personal assistant that learns our routines.

What Samsung promised us during the unveiling of this household robot did not disappoint. This device, according to the South Korean company, is designed to act as a personal assistant capable of recognizing, learning, and making decisions on our behalf based on our behaviors. If we, for example, spend too much time in front of the computer on a daily basis, it will warn us on its own to suggest that we take a break.

This robot's artificial intelligence allows it to walk around our home and detect items in our environment, but its goal isn't to interact with them; instead, it wants to process as much information as possible and incorporate those jobs that humans generally do to make them easier. Furthermore, because of its ability to memorize our schedules, it can provide us with reminders to ensure that we do not miss anything crucial.

During Samsung's presentation, we saw that it has a respectable-sized screen on which, in addition to displaying information about our routines, habits, and reminders, it can also display video calls and video content. The South Korean company has stated that it has just shown us a small portion of the robot's capabilities, but there is little doubt that if it delivers on its promises, it will be a technology worth watching.

This robot, Samsung Bot Handy, urges us to forget about some household duties.

The second robot for the house that Samsung unveiled today is even more shocking than the first. Bot Handy has an articulated gripper on its arm that lets it to recognize items, grab them, and interact with the environment. We were able to watch how it carefully removed plates and glasses from a sink and placed them inside a dishwasher during the presentation, demonstrating that it contains advanced artificial intelligence and image recognition algorithms that are promising to say the least.

The goal of this domestic robot is to take care of some of the chores that most of us would prefer to avoid. One of them is putting dishes and glasses in the dishwasher, but Samsung claims that this inventiveness can also move objects from one location to another, clean, set out our clothes, and so on. Seeing it in action is impressive, so we can only hope that it operates as well in a real-world setting as it does in the video Samsung made for us.

Pricing and availability for Samsung Bot Care and Bot Handy

Samsung has stated that its Bot Care and Bot Handy robots are still in development, so we don't know when or how much they'll cost. They are, nevertheless, far too interesting to be overlooked, so we will keep a watch on them and update you as soon as fresh information becomes available.

 Article by Gerluxe Image: bollyinside

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