Thursday, November 11, 2021

Teknon surgical Da Vinci robot.

 Teknon expands its surgical capabilities with the addition of a new Da Vinci robot.

Teknon Da Vinci robot


More sophisticated interventions in general surgery, gynecology, urology, and otorhinolaryngology, among other fields, will be possible thanks to the new equipment. In 2011, the center already had a Da Vinci exhibit.

The Centro Médico Teknon is improving its surgical capabilities. The Quirónsalud group's Catalan hospital revealed on Wednesday that it has purchased the Da Vinci Xi HD system, the latest generation of minimally invasive robotic surgery equipment. This equipment's purchasing price has not been revealed.

The Da Vinci robot, the first robotic system used in operating theatres, was installed at Centro Medico Teknon in 2011, making it the first private healthcare complex in Catalonia to do so.

General surgery, gynecology, otolaryngology, and urology will all benefit from the new Da Vinci Xi HD technology. "Numerous publications demonstrate the benefits of robotic surgical interventions, as evidenced by the fact that the percentage of this type of surgery is increasing in our country year after year, with a 10% increase in 2020 alone compared to 2019," says Slvia Franco, a specialist in laparoscopic surgery in oncological gynecology at Dona Grup at Centro Medico Teknon.

A robotic surgical committee has been established at Centro Medico Teknon.

The vision system is one of the areas where there has been progress. The new robot has three-dimensional vision that can be magnified up to ten times while also improving clarity. According to the hospital, it also includes measures for patient safety, such as a system that eliminates both trembling and involuntary movements of the surgeon's hands.

Another key new feature of this technology is the ability to perform multi-quadrant surgery, which entails performing more sophisticated operations on organs located in multiple quadrants while maintaining the robotic system's or the patient's position. A new system with enhanced, longer tools and more options for the surgeon, as well as an increase in the system's efficiency that enhances the approach and positioning of the robotic arms, are among the other innovations.

Simultaneously, Centro Medico Teknon has established a robotic surgery committee, which is comprised of highly experienced professionals who are leaders in their disciplines. They'll be in charge of evaluating abilities and tracking the outcomes of each intervention, as well as reviewing each patient to see if robotic surgery is the best option. All of this is done with the goal of discovering the greatest possible solutions for patients.

Quirónsalud is a significant hospital group in Spain, as well as Europe, thanks to its parent firm Fresenius-Helios. Quirónsalud has a presence in Latin America, mainly in Colombia and Peru, in addition to its national activities. In total, it employs over 40,000 people throughout more than 125 healthcare facilities, including 54 hospitals with approximately 8,000 beds.

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