Saturday, November 13, 2021

Xiaomi window-cleaning robot capable of climbing through any glass window

 Xiaomi has a window-cleaning robot for sale that can crawl through any glass window.

Xiaomi cleaning robot

Another day, Xiaomi catches us off guard with another one of these intriguing gadgets that has appeared for sale on Youpin. This time, we're dealing with a realistic cleaning robot that can climb through our home's windows and glass.

In detail, we're dealing with a new cleaning robot from Hutt with an unusual design. Its dimensions are 231.5231.5x231.5x76mm, and it is made of white ABS plastic that is shock resistant.

This strange window robot uses an innovative suction method to operate, allowing it to fully cling to any window. This, combined with a sophisticated cleaning algorithm, ensures that any glass is thoroughly cleaned without being scratched.

Xiaomi has released a new robot that cleans and disinfects your home's windows.

A powerful 2,600PA dirt suction motor with an innovative mechanism capable of changing the suction power according to the level of filth on the glass is one of its highlights.

It also includes a water spraying system that is capable to completely cleaning our home's crystals. It features a 150ml tank that we may fill with our favorite window cleaning solutions to accomplish this.

Aside than that, we're looking at a cleaning robot with a 650mAh battery. This is capable of providing enough autonomy to continue cleaning for 20-30 minutes if the power cord is not connected.

The cost and the availability

The pricing of Xiaomi's new glass cleaning robot on Youpin is 1,299 yuan (about 162 euros at today's currency rate). For the time being, its initial shipments will not commence until July 5, 2019, at which point we may be able to purchase it through AliExpress.

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