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Gary, the latest home robot, is scheduled to debut in 2022.

gary home robot

It can pick up toys or laundry, water plants, serve food, remove sheets, and transport items at a warehouse, among other things. Unlimited Robotics created it in Israel.

Gary, the latest home robot, is scheduled to debut in 2022.

It can pick up toys or laundry, water plants, serve food, remove sheets, and transport items at a warehouse, among other things. Unlimited Robotics created it in Israel.

Gary isn't trying to be attractive, despite his humorous past. "Amazon is working on something extremely charming," Altagar said, alluding to the conversational interface that drives Alexa and other Amazon gadgets.

ElliQ, a robot from the Israeli company Intuition Robotics, is designed to be a companion for elders and is also attractive.

"We're not in the beauty sector," the executive clarified, "but in the practical and utilitarian."

From doing laundry to watering plants, there's always something to do.

Gary was created to do things like retrieve soiled towels from the laundry basket and place them in the washing machine, not to play beloved tunes on demand or connect a video conversation with the grandchildren.

It can also open jars, water plants, and load the dishwasher.

Gary could serve food or greet clients at the door if it were a restaurant. He could change linens or restock shampoo and conditioner in a motel.

The robot's two robotic arms (which have yet to master the art of folding clothes) can handle up to five kilograms, and its sensors and cameras include a 3D image of a room and an infrared lens for seeing in the dark.

On the Unlimited Robotics website, Gary is available for pre-order. It's not cheap: it costs around 19,000 shekels ($5,900), but there's a 320 shekel ($100) monthly payment plan available. However, the $100 cost to reserve a seat on the waiting list has already been paid by 80 people.

A new feature is being downloaded.

While many other businesses are working on robots—Boston Dynamics, for example, has numerous models, including a new personal robot dog named Astro—Unlimited Robotics stands out because of its "app store" for robots.

Simply download it if you're seeking for a new function for Gary. Unlimited Robotics will take a 30% cut if a developer chooses to charge for their software.

Unlimited Robotics now provides tools that enable any programmer to construct applications without the need to understand robotics-specific software.

If a developer writes code in Python or JavaScript, Unlimited Robotics' Ra-Ya platform (named after Altagar's mother, Raya) will convert it to operate with their robotic hardware.

"The ability to effortlessly translate from one language to another opens up enormous prospects for software developers to create apps not only for the web or mobile devices, but also for robots," said Altagar.

Ra-Ya isn't just for Gary: if Xiaomi or Samsung create a four-legged robot with six arms (Gary has two arms and wheels), Ra-Ya apps will work on it as well.

Altagar enjoys imagining programs that expand the capabilities of present single-function robotic gadgets, such as a future Roomba with a window-cleaning "arm" attachment.

However, getting to that stage is not an easy task. The CEO explained, "The app would have to understand what a window is, learn how to map it, and be taught on how to clean it."

Ra-software Ya's translation technique requires knowledge of how to connect JavaScript code to the robot's computer vision, navigation, and machine learning platforms.

A friendly robot

Gary's new home is like a blank slate when he first arrives. Although an app can give it a broad idea of what to perform, the robot need personal instruction.

"Everything will be taught to him by the host." It will show Gary which room is his bedroom and where the socks that need to be picked up are located. Gary will ask for feedback after the first encounter. "The host will tell Gary what he did, what went well and what didn't, and how he can improve next time," Altagar explained.

Gary is a gregarious person, and whatever he learns on his new site, he will share with all the other Garys online.

"Other people may not be able to recognize the layout of your specific house," the executive said, "but understanding what a sock is, the best method to hoist it, or how to hold a cup of coffee is something that can be shared."

This is not the same robot as Robotina from The Jetsons. Gary was created with the purpose of being a guy. "We didn't want to create a model where a woman is'serving' a family," said Altagar to ISRAEL21c en Espaol.

From fires to children's toys

Altagar isn't a robotics expert, but he did study law and finance at Tel Aviv University before starting a mobile game company.

Despite the failure of that venture, his passionate spirit took off.

Altagar's motivation was to assist firefighters. "There were a lot of fires in 2019 in California and Israel, and the only way to put out the fires was to send planes to drop water." So we wondered if we might build a robot that could go into the flames and release water and other stuff," he stated.

Gary's firefighter persona was a little more ambitious than Altagar was willing to take on. "Three tiny kids in my house leaving their toys all over the place and my damaged back from cleaning up their mess were the catalysts for the concept," he joked.

So Altagar teamed up with Bar-Ilan University's engineering faculty's Dr. Eli Kolberg and Martin Gordon, the business's director of technology and product, to create a company that now employs 26 people (22 in Petaj Tikva and the others in Colombia and Georgia).

Humanity and machines

Altagar wants to see its robots at hotels, hospitals, health centers, infirmaries, sports stadiums, schools, libraries, museums, and, of course, residences, according to the company.

While Gary is unlikely to put anyone out of work, his arrival coincides with a labor shortage in numerous areas, including restaurants and hospitality.

"We are going to enter a new era in which humans and machines will coexist." Robots are already present in our warehouses and logistics hubs, hidden from view. "We expect they will get closer to humans in the next two years," he stated.

Is it possible to break into Gary's computer? Unlimited Robotics, according to Altagar, "uses the finest security methods we can find."

Gary, unlike Amazon's Alexa, will not listen in on conversations or take pictures without his owners' permission. He'll also have a hood that may be put over his head to prevent him from observing or filming.

"It makes no difference whether someone wears blue or red socks. That information will not be shared outside the residence. We're concerned with the sock's shape because we want to boost Gary's abilities," Altagar explained.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, gave a boost to the entire area of personal robots in August 2021 when he said that his electric car company is building on a "Tesla Bot," a humanoid robot designed to perform "tasks that are risky, repetitive, and even monotonous," just like Gary.

"As a result," Altagar conceded, "people started paying greater attention to this industry."


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