Tuesday, December 21, 2021

The Henn na Hotel is the world's first Hotel run by robots


The "Henn na Hotel" hotels are known for their efficiency and modernity. The HIS hotel network is constantly evolving in terms of design and technology, resulting in a comfortable and distinctive experience.

Henn na Hotel" hotels aspire to be efficient, comfortable, and ecologically responsible, and they are dedicated to changing how we think about hotels today. They are suitable for both commercial and family use and leave no one uninterested.

 HENN NA HOTEL - a robot-served hotel.

Enjoy the conveniences and surprises that come with cutting-edge technology. Stay in a hotel chain that has been recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the world's first hotel run entirely by robots, and get a head start on the future.

Imagine finding a checkroom carried by a robotic arm that will store your bags as soon as you enter.

While speaking with a humanoid-looking robot or, why not, a dinosaur, you'll be able to check in.

With facial recognition check-in, you can leave your hotel key or card at home and still go into your room without worrying about losing it.

One of the definitions of the Japanese term "Henn" is "changing," which indicates our commitment to evolution in order to elevate our enjoyment of senses and comfort.

A stay in a "Henn na Hotel" is full of surprises, and a one-of-a-kind experience will transport our guests into the future.


Each room is outfitted with the most up-to-date technologies in order to maximize efficiency. For example, motion sensor technology shuts off lights while they are not in use, and radiant panel technology in air conditioners. The guest rooms are designed with comfort and functionality in mind, with special attention paid to elements that will surprise guests while still keeping the area lively!


LG Styler, a product by LG.

Deep penetrating steam and gently moving hangers remove wrinkles and erase odors in your garments.

It's the most convenient method to keep your clothes looking new and fresh throughout your stay.

Air Conditioner for Futon

The first futon (Japanese mattress) conditioner in the world. It keeps the temperature between the mattress and the body at a comfortable 97 degrees Fahrenheit. It can also be adjusted in 10-degree increments. It may also be adjusted in 3°F increments to help you find the ideal resting and waking temperature. The conditioner dehumidifies and deodorizes the room so you may sleep comfortably all night.

Other unique and beneficial services offered by each hotel include the usage of Chromecast, which allows guests to see their smartphone material on a huge TV screen, as well as the use of a smartphone for visitors to use throughout their stay. Free local and international calls, as well as Internet, are available on the phone.


Article Author Gerluxe  Image: tecnohotelnews 

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