Monday, January 10, 2022

Cafe X is the first robotic coffee business in the United States

Coffee businesses are getting robots, and this one can pour up to 120 cups each hour without stopping.

cafe x robot

Henry Hu is not a coffee enthusiast, but he drinks approximately five cups every day to keep himself alert. Hu observed one day that traveling to the coffee shop took a significant amount of time, especially when he had to wait in line, order his drink, pay, and wait for it to arrive, a procedure he thought could be made more efficient.

As a result, Hu decided to drop out of college and put everything he had learnt while waiting in line at the coffee shop to use. He developed a robotic coffee shop notion, presented it to the Thiel Fellowship business incubator, earned $100,000 to advance his idea, and today inaugurated 'Cafe X,' San Francisco's first robot-operated coffee shop.


Cafe X is the first robotic coffee business in the United States, according to Hu, and is focused on providing customers who just want a well-prepared coffee without the usage of artificial additives from vending machines. As a result, he chose to form partnerships with local enterprises that sell coffee beans in order to improve the local economy.

Hu noticed that in coffee shops, a lot of time was spent due to needing to conduct numerous stages, in addition to the human component, which affected reaction time due to chats, breaks, meal times, and shift changes. This is how he obtained a Mitsubishi 6-axis industrial robot, which is extensively used in various manufacturing lines, and programmed it with simple movements to fulfill the task of serving coffee.

Cafe X uses an automated system to control the equipment and coordinate them with the robot's movements, allowing us to order a coffee and customize it with the amount of milk, bean type, additional tastes, and other possibilities. The benefit is that we are provided with a mobile application that is compatible with iOS and Android, from which we can order our drink, pay for it instantaneously, and then simply go pick up our coffee using the code provided by the app. Alternatively, we can use the three tablets provided at the kiosk to place our order.

This robot can serve between 100 and 120 cups each hour and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As a result, a 250 milliliter cup of coffee costs an average of $2, while other options in the neighborhood charge between $4 and $5. Cafe X currently has only two locations worldwide, in San Francisco and Hong Kong, but Hu hopes to expand his system to shopping malls and corporate offices across California and the rest of the United States.

This move comes as no surprise, and it adds to a rising trend of companies incorporating robots into previously human-only procedures. We've already seen it with McDonald's, and we've seen it in San Francisco with the Easta restaurant, which are just two instances of how this technology will be used in the future.


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