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ElliQ - an artificial intelligence half tablet, half robot

 ElliQ is an artificial intelligence-powered companion that is half tablet, half robot, and appears like a desk lamp without attempting to be human.

ElliQ robot

"Electricity!" ElliQ responds when asked what her favorite dish is. She is, after all, a robot, but she was created to accompany the elderly.

We live in a technologically driven world, whether we like it or not. While the majority of us use Google to find answers in seconds, others of us are still learning how to use technology.

ElliQ was created with the goal of demonstrating how technology can keep elders active, interested, and connected. This "happy aging companion" enables individuals to age in their own homes and is the first proactive digital companion that fosters interactions by suggesting sharing games, listening to music, sipping water, going on a stroll, or calling grandchildren. It's also kid-friendly because it allows for intergenerational interactions.

The term "digital divide" is now commonly used to characterize the separation between those who are technologically skilled and others who are left behind. Technology, when utilized effectively, can provide all of the tools we need to stay more connected, engaged, and informed.

ElliQ was created by Intuition Robotics to serve senior citizens, but it can also assist others. It is not difficult to use cognitive artificial intelligence, which is a combination of traditional artificial intelligence with human-like reasoning.

Dor Skuler, a tech enthusiast and entrepreneur, and co-founders Itai Mendelsohn and Roy Amir founded Israeli business Intuition Robotics in 2015 with the purpose of addressing the negative impacts of loneliness on longevity. Ninety percent of senior citizens prefer to age at home, yet social isolation and loneliness can be harmful to physical and mental health. Because they all had elderly parents, they wanted to perform a project with a big societal impact, which drove them to explore and develop the idea that became ElliQ.

To enable ElliQ to make its own decisions and learn from its experiences, the three partnered with award-winning Swiss designer Yves Behar and American tech guru Don Norman. ElliQ, rather than being a reactive assistant like Apple's Siri, intends to build a more genuine relationship with users and encourage them to live a better lifestyle.

The tabletop robot can recognize its owner's face and learn about their daily routines, such as reading messages, showing images, and taking video chats. It offers suggestions and guidance, answers questions, interacts throughout the day, makes appointments, and reminds users to take their medication by mimicking human actions and responding to voice, look, and touch. It can also keep track of when the user wakes up and if a stranger enters the residence.

ElliQ is powered by the 'Q' cognitive platform, which recognizes signals like user feedback and satisfaction and updates and modifies them based on reward.

"Do you want to call Liz and wish her a happy birthday?" "It's Liz's birthday today; do you want to call her and wish her a happy birthday?" ElliQ

"You can age well in a variety of ways, depending on your lifestyle and preferences," Dor Skuler says. "However, a smooth transition to this stage of life generally includes staying engaged with the world around you, staying connected to family and friends, and staying emotionally close to your loved ones, even if they live far away." "Keeping one's independence is another crucial value that technology can assist, and the key is simplicity and ease of use." We believe that technology has the power to improve the planet."

Loneliness has become such a major public health concern in the United Kingdom that a Minister for Loneliness was appointed in 2018, and the impact of isolation on health has been compared to the life-shortening effects of smoking 15 cigarettes per day. ElliQ encourages seniors to stay active and stimulated by using powerful incentive strategies and proactive interactions.

"A lot of senior care technology focuses on impairments and illnesses. This type of everyday connection, on the other hand, is good for your health and can lead to fewer doctor visits during the year, which equals lower medical costs."

The goal is to keep seniors connected and provide them with the skills and knowledge they need to make aging as enjoyable and healthy as possible. "It is our honest aim that, through ElliQ and other products, seniors will regard technology as a necessary tool to help them succeed, rather than something to dread or condemn," says the company.

Intuition Robotics, an award-winning company, raised $20 million in 2017. ElliQ was recently named one of TIME magazine's Best Inventions of 2019, "a big milestone we're tremendously pleased of," according to the publication.

"However, seeing seniors smile as they interact with ElliQ brings us the most joy." It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


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