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Gita the Piaggo robot

 Piaggo, the Vespa manufacturer, develops a robot that can transport groceries and luggage.

Gita robot

With its renowned Vespa, Piaggio enchanted an entire generation, and it appears that the company is keen not to be forgotten in the golden years. Gita, a droid that will certainly remind us of R2D2, is the result of the manufacturer's decision to provide a twist to its manufacturing line renewing itself, always around the wheel. In this scenario, the Italian firm's robot is designed to aid the user in carrying groceries or luggage, however Piaggio envisions a future with even more features.

Gita is the first student of a huge project called Piaggio Fast Forward (which may be translated as Piaggio's "look forward"), in which the brand is developing new products with the goal of expanding into new markets in the future. This innovation project is based in the United States, and its creative hub is supervised by notable people such as John Hoke (Nike's head of design) and Doug Brent (Trimble's innovation director), among others.

But, what is Gita, and why is it important? A droid or a miniature robot at the service of humans is the most accurate description of this product. Gita resembles a large wheel that follows and conveys the user's cargo, whether it's shopping, luggage, or any other item that has to be transported. "Imagine how different it would be to go around with your hands free and a partner carrying all your belongings," the company writes on its website.

That's the basic concept: a companion robot that moves objects that we previously had to carry in our hands. Gita follows us about without losing sight of its owner, reaching a maximal speed of 35 kilometers per hour (the maximum speed at which a human can run). Gita's inventors have gone far beyond simply seeing Gita as a transport robot, creating a series of YouTube movies that demonstrate the robot's many capabilities.

Thus, we could instruct the robot to walk our dog or deliver a bottle of wine to some friends (both activities performed without the presence of a human), as well as serve as an intelligent transport cart within a factory. For the time being, no other information about this robot, including its commercial availability or price, has been revealed.


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