Thursday, January 6, 2022

Kuri, a home companion robot with a lot of personality

 Kuri is a friendly home robot with a lot of personality.


Kuri robot

CES 2017, we've already seen a lot of big brand advancements, but there are also a lot of little entrepreneurs there, pitching their goods and projects to possible investors. Kuri, a curious companion robot from Mayfield Robotics, seeks to capture everyone's attention with his sensitive disposition.

Kuri is similar to voice assistants like Amazon's Alexa or Google Home, but unlike those two, Kuri has wheels and eyes, allowing it to roam around the house while responding to our commands. Kuri's makers wanted to create an assistant with some personality, one that feels more like a pet than a robot, which is why he has a wide range of expressions that allow us to believe he had sentiments.

Kuri's main feature is that it can be used as a bluetooth speaker to play music from our smartphones. The robot can use facial recognition software to scan the faces of household members and respond to their requests or follow them as they walk thanks to its 1080p front-facing camera. Because the robot's head is touch-sensitive, it may be triggered by caressing it or saying the code phrase "Hey Kuri."

Kuri may be used as a mobile security camera when no one is home, and it will be controlled by a companion app that will be available for both Android and iOS devices. The user will be able to operate the robot and travel around the house using this app to ensure that everything is in working condition. Kuri will also be able to control smart home devices such as lighting, air conditioners, and other smart home gadgets via WiFi connectivity; the robot may even be configured to send a text message when a member of the family arrives home.

Mayfield Robotics was recently acquired by Bosch, and Kuri is expected to be released later this year. It is currently available for a pre-sale price of $699 to interested parties.


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