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Leka, the robot designed for children with special needs

 The robot Leka was created for kids with special needs.

leka robot

The Leka robot was created specifically for kids with special needs to learn. It has launched an Indiegogo financing campaign.

The Leka project arose from a meeting between Ladislas de Toldi and Marine Couteau at the École de Biologie Industrielle in Paris, where a teacher challenged them to create a tool that would fulfill the needs of children with autism. They got to work, and the result is a robot that is currently seeking funds on Indiegogo. It's a circular construction with a screen and a sequence of lights arranged around it.

As the kids interacts with the robot, Leka reacts to his or her movements. In this approach, the child's screen - which usually displays a sketched picture of a pleasant face - can alter based on the stimuli required at any given time. The lights enable for a quick and visible response from the device when interacting with it.

It is marketed as an educational toy in the Indiegogo campaign by its designers. However, Leka will also be used by parents and therapists to help children make cognitive and motor improvement.

The robot was originally designed for children with autism, but after its installation in Leka, various activities have been developed that allow children with all types of needs to benefit from the device's interaction. The product's purpose is to promote the child's learning and encourage him to participate in educational activities.

One thing to remember is that children with special needs, no matter what they are, typically play alone. As a result, toys are extremely significant and can be utilized to stimulate children. The device was created by robotics experts in partnership with therapists and education professionals, particularly in the area of imparting skills to youngsters with special needs.

Another advance made by Leka is its capacity to capture data while it is being used. The robot is outfitted with a number of sensors that, in addition to managing movement and lighting, can also record a significant quantity of data. As a result, the gadget can monitor the child's actions, and later data processing allows for the extraction of patterns that parents and therapists can exploit.


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