Friday, January 14, 2022

LG Rolling Bot: much more than a toy

 The LG Rolling Bot is more than just a toy.

LG Rolling Bot

This rolling robot is equipped with a camera that can send live video to the LG G5. It's marketed as a home security system by the firm.

The Rolling Bot is the most shocking of LG's "friends" for its latest flagship, the LG G5. It's a robot that can be operated remotely via a smartphone and looks like something from the Star Wars universe. This spherical contraption may appear to be a toy at first appearance, yet it has many practical applications.

The LG Rolling Bot is a rolling camera first and foremost. It's a fantastic fit for the G5's new ecosystem of devices, which the Korean business has created. The user will be able to shoot videos and photographs like never before with the 360 CAM, for example. Imagine chasing your pet around the house with this robot while recording it from afar.

It is a tireless watchdog of the house, in addition to all of the entertaining applications for making entertainment content. The Rolling Bot can be utilized as a home security tool, acting as a WiFi-controlled sentry. It will allow the user to connect to the camera and watch live video on their LG G5.

It does the job with an 8-megapixel sensor. The camera quality respects the balance between image sharpness and video file size because this gadget is designed to be managed remotely via wireless technology. As a result, using it at work is a completely smooth experience. With the Rolling Bot, the LG G5 enhances its capabilities and outperforms other smartphones on the market.


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