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Loomo - an incredible futuristic segway equipped with high technology,


Segway Loomo Robot


With powerful, best-in-class Segway-Ninebot mobility capabilities and Intel RealsenseTM technology, the Segway Loomo Robot is the smartest and most capable personal vehicle ever designed. An object detection and tracking system (DTS) and a human understanding system make up Loomo's visual system (HUS).

As a consequence, Loomo can consistently travel to a specified location, track and follow its objective in real time, and avoid impediments in its way.

Loomo is a fantastic future segway with cutting-edge technology. Unlike traditional segways, Loomo features sophisticated artificial intelligence, making it part robot and half segway.

Transportation innovation

Innovative functionalities may not appear to be necessary at first, but they indicate a transition in transportation, such as in the case of Loomo, which has revolutionized the entire transportation experience.

Thanks to the gyroscope mechanism, Loomo is incredibly stable, moves smoothly, and maintains its balance easily.

A segway with intelligence

You can communicate with Lomo because it can listen to voice instructions and gestures, recognize bodies and faces through facial recognition, analyze your gestures to better understand your behaviors, and has its own personality with expressions and movements that will astound you.

Object identification and tracking technologies, as well as a human understanding system, are included in this remarkable segway.

Loomo can follow you about on its own, avoiding obstructions and recording stabilized footage.

Other features

This segway has a top speed of 18 km/h and a range of 35 kilometers on a single charge.

It has a built-in display and an easy-to-use interface for navigating its choices.

The most advanced segway is Lomoo.

As if that wasn't enough, we can now manage the segway using an app, which allows you to direct it where you want it to go, view through its camera, capture photos and movies, and even give it sentences to speak.

Furthermore, its wheels are non-slip and can be used on a variety of conditions, including grass, mud, slopes, and other uneven surfaces.

Segway Lomoo is a futuristic segway.

For the time being, the Segway Lomoo is a project on Indiegogo, with a release date of September 2018.


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