Thursday, January 20, 2022

Lynx, a companion robot compatible with Amazon's Alexa technology.

Lynx is a new robot that works with Alexa from Amazon.

lynx robot

The 2017 edition of CES, one of the most renowned technology exhibitions of the year, included a large number of robots among the new products on display. Lynx, a robot that works with Alexa technology, Amazon's personal assistant, is one of those that has garnered the most interest.

Ubtech Robotics, a business with a lot of experience in the field of robotics, created the robot we're talking about. In fact, the business has other robots on display at this year's CES. If we concentrate on some of Lynx's features, we can see that the robot has facial recognition technology and can send customised greetings. It will also be able to play music and show us what is happening at home while we are away.

Lynx is a robot that combines Alpha Robot's voice recognition and AI skills with Amazon's Alexa voice recognition and AI. Lynx is a platform that combines exceptional intelligence and robotics in a simple to use format. When you can't be there, be there in Avatar Mode. From anywhere in the globe, turn on Avatar Mode in the Lynx app. Your Lynx robot allows you to see, hear, and communicate. You may also use the Lynx Robot app on your smartphone to command Lynx to do things like wave, embrace, or dance.

Having a companion around the house is a plus.

Because of the many functions the Lynx can perform, such as facial recognition, personalized greetings, music playback, live feeds from your home while you're away, event reminders, and calendar alerts, Ubtech refers to it as a "partner in the home." The Lynx can use Alexa to order Prime products from Amazon using simple voice commands.

Lynx's powers, of course, do not stop there. The company's robot will also be responsible for reminding us of upcoming activities and notifying us of calendar notifications. But, without a doubt, one of its strongest features is its Alexa compatibility, which will allow us to conduct Amazon orders using simple voice commands.

At this time, we can't deny that this is an intriguing model, even if some of the most significant aspects, such as the pricing and availability of the product, are still unclear. Nonetheless, we know that Lynx will hit the market later this year, so we'll keep an eye out for any updates.

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