Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Olly robot personal assistant with personality

 The Olly robot has positioned itself as one of the coolest technologies we've seen during the 2017 edition of CES, having won four CES Innovation Awards.

Olly robot

It's a voice-activated personal assistant comparable to Google Home or Amazon Alexa. However, because it integrates personality, movement, and interaction, it is a more advanced robot.

For your home, a robot with personality

Olly learns from the actions of its users. Furthermore, it is proactive; it is not passively waiting for you to issue a command. It understands, for example, that when you get home from work, you would prefer to listen to soft music. Alternatively, if it is a rainy day, it will suggest that you read a book and will literally be able to tell you which one would be appropriate based on your preferences.

It takes in information from users, interacts with them, and develops a personality. Not only that, but it moves and glows, making it feel less static than the Amazon Echo.

Olly can recognize and learn from all members of the family, and it will act differently with each of them.

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