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Panasonic charming intelligent robot in the shape of an egg.

Panasonic Pico is an ovoid-shaped robot companion for residential use, at the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). N+1's editorial crew received a copy of the new device's press release.

Panasonic Pico robot

Different electronics firms are starting to produce their own robots for household use, thanks to decreasing costs of manufacturing individual parts and the advent of cloud storage services. The limited range of possibilities for interacting with the user was one of the most common flaws shared by most home-use robots. Furthermore, the information that a robot showed onto a screen was frequently given in an unplanned and unnatural manner. In the case of Pico, one of the most well-known decisions was the robot's design decision to forego the humanoid form.

Panasonic Pico robot, which is housed in a plastic egg with a height of 29 cm and a projector on top. Pico can travel at a top speed of 3.5 kilometers per hour on flat surfaces. It also comes with a six-hour built-in battery. Pico's "neck" contains three servomotors, which allow him to point the projector towards the ceiling and give life to his movement.

Panasonic does not reveal many details regarding the robot's capabilities, instead relying on the information supplied in the press announcement, which describes it as a "intelligent companion robot." Only that an upgrade is planned for future production in order to accommodate interactive games is known. According to publicly available information, the robot, like several other domestic robots, is heavily reliant on cloud services, which allow it to freely communicate with humans. There hasn't been any word on when the robot would be available for purchase.

Cozmo, a non-humanoid robot created by the company Anki, is one of several examples of non-humanoid robots that actively interact with people. Cozmo has a cartoon-like physiognomy and is always looking for physical engagement with its surroundings. This robot can imitate various moods and interact with the supplied cubes.

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