Thursday, January 13, 2022

Romeo robot designed to assist the elderly

Romeo robot

Aldebaran Robotic, a French corporation, has given its new humanoid the name Romeo. It stands 1.40 meters tall and weighs only 40 kilograms, and it is being developed to aid senior people in their retirement in the near future.

According to its creators, Romeo, which was shown on March 18 at the Innorobo Robotics Show in Lyon under the motto "a true companion and personal assistant," promises to be a true revolution in supporting people in nursing homes and retirement homes.

Romeo, who is around the same height and weight as a youngster, is anticipated to start assisting seniors in 2017. (or 2019 at the latest). Its body is made of carbon fiber and rubber to prevent injuries in the event of a collision with a user. The most essential thing, according to the French company, is to modify its use so that end users, such as the elderly, can benefit from its assistance and company without risking their lives.

It has a three-dimensional vision of its surroundings and is able to interact with them. It can move by imitating human footsteps, carry out home activities (such as cooking, shopping, and carrying goods...), and carry on a conversation if necessary.

Its progress is hardly surprising, given that Aldebaran Robotic, a French corporation, has been nurturing this project since 2009, and it has steadily taken shape, expanding from its most basic robot, which was dubbed Nao and can be seen here.

At the present, just four units of our helpful friend are available, and they have been purchased by a number of European development agencies who are evaluating how to improve and adapt the project in the near future (they intend to approve its use in 2016).

We can find all kinds of information about it on its official website, from body plans to various uses that are meant to provide him, sure, we will have to deal with the French to understand something.


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