Sunday, January 30, 2022

Tapia is a robot that wants to be your best friend.

Tapia robot

MJI is a technological business based in Japan that focuses on producing robots for modern humans. Its goal is to develop technologies that accompany you, assisting you in relaxing and being joyful. That's true, this corporation's futuristic bet is that robots will become the company of people who require a nice buddy or assistant.

While other technology companies have focused on developing industrial robots, MJI has chosen to develop alternatives for the household. Tapia, a robot that, in a word, is supposed to become your best friend, is a clear example of its bet.

Tapia features a lot of things that will help you live a less burdened life, in addition to having an ultra-friendly and playful design. Perhaps the most striking feature of this robot is that it has facial and voice recognition, making it simple to identify who is speaking to it and engage in conversation.

Tapia can also read aloud to you or your children, take, save, and save images, as well as play the music you request, make phone calls, schedule appointments for you, read the news, and even monitor your and your loved ones' health.


Article Author Gerluxe Image: nishinippon

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