Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The robot that irons, folds and perfumes clothes in seconds

 In seconds, a robot irons, folds, and scents garments.


Many people will benefit from this amazing invention. It's a machine that irons, folds, and sprays garments with a mild fragrance in just four seconds.

The robot was first shown at the CES technology show in Las Vegas in 2017 and has since been updated before going on sale. According to FoldiMate of the United States, the device will be available in late 2019 and the first units can already be reserved.

FoldiMate may be used for T-shirts and slacks in sizes larger than six-year-old children and smaller than XXL for adults, as well as small, medium, and large pillows and towels, with an operation time of just four seconds each garment.

The clothing is introduced at the top, ironed, perfumed, and folded within, then placed in a basket at the bottom to utilize FoldiMate. According to FoldiMate, there is no limit to the quantity of clothing that can be collected from the drawer.

The device's major flaw is the amount of space it takes up, as it stands one meter and 25 centimeters tall, 70 centimeters deep, and 60 centimeters wide, making it larger than other household appliances.

FoldiMate can already be reserved for $980 before its official launch at the end of 2019. Although taxes, shipping charges, and a $85 deposit must be added, this pricing includes a 10% discount on the ultimate price, and the company only promises shipping within the United States for the time being.


Article Author Gerluxe Image:  foldimate

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