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Albert Einstein-like robot causes sensation at Chinese event

 A robot resembling Albert Einstein creates a stir at a Chinese event.

Albert Einstein robot


Beijing, – One of the main attractions of a world conference on robots held in China is a humanoid powered by artificial intelligence and the appearance of Albert Einstein.

The impressive state-of-the-art robots, from the dancing robot to the piano-playing robot, from the panda robot to Robot Einstein, were presented to visitors at the World Robot Expo 10, which held in Beijing last September 2021.

Panda also make its debut at the World Robot Conference 2021. You You is a service robot that stands 1.3 meters tall and weighs 63 kilograms. It was created specifically for the Dubai EXPO 2020. You can practice Chinese calligraphy, painting, and Taiji.

"Meng Mengzi" with the ability to dance.

You You stands 1.3 meters tall and weighs 45 kg. He has 22 highly mobile joints. The dynamism of the robot, which can easily lift and turn its head, shake hands, and walk, draws attention. The robot, which can accurately and quickly recognize many languages, can communicate with people who speak different languages. The intelligent robot is already in use in a variety of industries, including transportation, services, medicine, and banking.

It is said to be the most intelligent android ever created, and it communicates in Mandarin, according to various reports.

Albert Einstein-like robot

It is not the first time that the renowned scientist has inspired the creation of a robot; in 2005, the world was introduced to Albert HUBO, a robot capable of interacting with people and displaying facial expressions, created by the South Korean Joon-Ho Oh in collaboration with the firm Hanson Robotics.

Another highlight of the Chinese conference was an automated wheelchair capable of transporting disabled people to the shower, toilet, and even bed.

This invention is specifically designed to improve care for China's growing elderly population.

The event, which runs until Monday in Beijing, features more than 500 cutting-edge products developed by 110 companies for tasks such as information retrieval, disinfection, and food delivery, among others.

Its agenda includes exchanges, forums, and debates between academics from China and other countries about the latest robotics trends.


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