Sunday, February 6, 2022

Camello robot - the new delivery robot from Otsaw Digital.

 Camello, Otsaw Digital's new delivery robot.

Otsaw Digital, a Singapore-based robotics business, has created Camello, a new delivery robot. This unique self-driving delivery van has begun operations in the Asian country's capital city, delivering food to customers' homes. Fruits, vegetables, convenience goods, and medications are being delivered at breakneck speed and with zero touch.

Camello users can place orders via a smartphone app. The delivery method used by Otsaw Digital includes a tracking system that allows the delivery robot's progress to be tracked. The smartphone app is also in charge of notifying the user when the order has arrived at their home.

 Each Camel includes a 3D sensor system, a camera, and two storage chambers. The delivery robots were built to handle goods weighing up to 20 kilos. The self-driving vehicles can make four to five deliveries on a single battery, making them energy-efficient devices.

Camello's compartments also include UV technology. UV triggers are in charge of disinfecting goods carried into the self-driving vehicle. This function guarantees that deliveries are free of covid-19 and other infections that lurk in this new normal.

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