Saturday, February 5, 2022

Cruzr - a robot that is developed to assist people.

This robot, powered by the UBTECH cloud, allowing it to communicate with consumers at hotels, restaurants, and other businesses.

Cruzr robot

Navigation and voice recognition

It can talk and chat with consumers because it can distinguish and identify voice. It is equipped with mapping technology, which allows it to register its location and move in any direction while avoiding obstacles. It also has the capability of video conferencing.

Over the surface on which it is positioned, the Cruzr robot has two modes of mobility, or patrolling. One of these modes is self-contained, while the other is controlled and directed by a person.

This robot's structure includes flexible arms, allowing it to use a wide range of body language. It also includes 17 servos, which let it to move like a human and perform actions like greeting, caressing, and even dancing.

It has wheels that let it to move in any direction, i.e. at a 360-degree angle, and they are extremely quiet and stable.

Another feature of the Cruzr robot is that it charges itself. When it detects that its battery is running low, it will immediately return to its charging station, saving you the trouble of having to charge it. However, its battery life is estimated to be 8 hours on average. In the odd event that it runs out of battery and does not return to the charging station, you will always know where it is so you can find it and charge it.

The robot is designed to assist you in your business or simply to work with you to improve the quality of your daily life.

The robot also includes 4G LTE connectivity and many dual USB and HDMI connectors. This demonstrates that it has a lot of potential in terms of connectivity.

Finally, it has multimodal interaction, which means it combines many modalities of interaction so that the experience you have when dealing with it is much more human-like thanks to multimodal synergies.

The Cruzr robot is designed to help companies respond more quickly, accurately, and effectively to their customers' requirements and demands, freeing up human teams to focus on issues that cannot be solved by a robot and must be handled by humans.

Companies will be able to gather vast data and a better information and analytical capability thanks to the Cruzr robot, resulting in a lot more optimal economic value.


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Image:  ubtrobot

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