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FAR Robot - flying drone robot could pick fruit and do fieldwork

The flying drone would be able to detect the most ripe fruit.

flying drone robot

Robotics has come a long way in recent years, from being a source of inspiration for science fiction films to a genuine support and boost for most industries. Tevel Aerobotics Technologies, an Israeli company that developed an autonomous robot capable of picking ripe fruit from trees, is one of many companies that are constantly releasing their latest innovations.

The general concept is novel; however, the deployment is crucial, as it is a flying robot that uses artificial technology to detect ripe fruit and uses a mechanical arm to go directly to the branches, fly at its height, and remove the selected fruit.

The 'FAR' (for its English acronym) robot uses complex AI algorithms to collect the pieces once they are at the exact point of ripeness by identifying aspects such as size and color, and once the'signing' is done, the robot looks for the best way to approach to get its target, stabilizing itself in the air while connected to vehicles that move along with the 'drone' and supply constant energy to the robot.

According to the company, "pilot tests will be carried out in apple plantations of more than 100 hectares in Spain, the United States, and Italy" next year.

According to the company, its device "works tirelessly day and night," resulting in significant cost savings. To "return control to farmers," the robot will include software or an application that will allow users to select the type of fruit to pick, the units, the time, and the weight of the fruit.

According to the company, "our autonomous flying robots for fruit picking fill unmet labor needs at the right time and at a lower cost."

According to the company, the current shortage of pickers means that more than 10% of fruit goes unpicked; however, it emphasizes that its drones seek to "complement" the work of operators rather than completely replace them.

Various companies presented their concepts of autonomous machines designed to aid in farm work at CES 2022 in order to help revolutionize increasingly complex tasks such as agriculture.

The first example is tractor manufacturer John Deere, which combined its iconic 8R vehicle with a GPS system and new technologies so that the farmer no longer needs to be in the cab driving the vehicle, but can do so from his smartphone by programming routes for the machine to pass.

The machine, which is equipped with twelve cameras and artificial intelligence, stops automatically when it detects an obstacle and sends a signal to its owner. According to the company's chief technology officer, the innovation will be available this year.

Nao, a French agricultural company, also used the event to introduce 'Ted,' a robot that can "climb over" vines to remove weeds from the ground, 'Oz,' a farm helper that can dig, weed, or furrow, and 'Dino,' an automaton designed to weed crops.

All three robots are outfitted with laser sensors, cameras, and probes that will allow them to understand their surroundings as well as collect useful data for the operator, letting the farmer know if the field requires more water or fertilizer.

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