Sunday, February 27, 2022

Fujitsu establishes an organization to promote the ethical use of artificial intelligence.

Fujitsu ai

The AI Ethics and Governance Office will concentrate on advanced technology research, development, and application.

Fujitsu has announced the establishment of the AI Ethics and Governance Office to help with the management of artificial intelligence ethics.

Junichi Arahori will lead this office, which will accelerate the safe deployment of innovations that go beyond artificial intelligence.

It will particularly concentrate on putting in place measures to promote ethics in the research, development, and application of advanced technologies. It will also investigate the social impact of machine learning.

The establishment of the AI Ethics and Governance Office is the next step in Fujitsu's strategy to establish governance based on international best practices, policies, and legal frameworks.

It issued the Fujitsu Group AI Commitment in March 2019 in support of safe and transparent artificial intelligence. In September of that year, it formed the Fujitsu Group External Advisory Committee on AI Ethics to assess its ethical framework.


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