Monday, February 14, 2022

iRonCub - a baby-faced robot that intend to fly like Iron Man.



Italian researchers are working on a humanoid robot capable of flying like Iron Man, with the goal of replacing human operators in disasters.

We were very wrong to think that flying robots would be the stuff of science fiction. In fact, the legendary Iron Man has been challenged by a robot with a disturbingly childlike face. A team at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) is developing iRonCub, a humanoid robot with the ability to fly thanks to four powerful built-in jet engines.

iRonCub's mission will not be to hunt down criminals in the city like Iron Man, but to intervene in situations that are dangerous to humans, such as fires or natural disasters.

"The main goal was to design robots that could operate in disaster-like scenarios, where there are survivors to rescue inside partially destroyed buildings that are difficult to reach due to possible floods and fires around them," explains Daniele Pucci, head of the Artificial Intelligence and Mechanics lab that conducted the study, to TechXplore.


One of the primary goals of this project is to improve the energy efficiency of robotic aerial manipulation. According to IEE's Daniel Pucci, the most common current solution for aerial manipulation is a quadcopter aircraft outfitted with a robotic arm.

The issue is that these robots cannot move by contact forces with their surroundings and frequently struggle to fly in windy environments while manipulating an object. As a result, the researchers believe that a humanoid robot may be easier to control as a result of a point of contact between the robot and its surroundings.

The iRonCub experiences, on the other hand, will allow researchers to refine propulsion technology and advance aerodynamics in order to develop future flying exoskeletons for humans. Humanoid robotics with flight capabilities, according to engineer Pucci, are ideal for use as a testbed for human exoskeleton-wearing flights.

The project's engineers admit that there is still a long way to go, but they are hopeful that iRonCub will soon be able to fly in controlled mode. The closest challenge they face is developing an overall framework that includes manipulation, contact-location, and flight.


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