Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Pillo, the robotic nurse

robotic nurse

Pillo, an intelligent health-care robot, was built by Pillo Health. Pillo can recognize the different members of the household by voice and face in order to ensure the family's well-being.

The robot delivers tailored care by telling everyone about the medicines they need to take and reminding them when it's time to ask for more. Pillo can also address any health-related inquiries you may have.

It's an intelligent robot with the goal of ensuring the safety of all family members. Pillo is able to recognize the faces of the various members of the household thanks to artificial intelligence. When it recognizes a specific person, it will remind them to take their prescription, administer the appropriate dosage, and notify them when it is time to request additional medicine.

This robot is similar to Baymax, the protagonist of the film Big Hero 6, who looks after the people in his environment. The Android sports a 7-inch touch screen, as well as an HD camera and microphone.

Not only that, but if one of our elderly forgets to take their medication, we will be notified via our smartphones. Pillo will be able to answer a variety of health-related inquiries, such as how many calories a particular dish contains, because it is connected to the Internet. It will also have access to information such as a person's name, as well as data such as weight, height, calendar events, and other relevant data.

Everything points to the crowdfunding effort being a success: the makers of Pillo have already raised close to $90,000 of the $75,000 they asked. The robot will be ready for purchase in June 2017 and will cost $599.

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