Friday, February 25, 2022


Reachy is a project of the French company Pollen Robotics, which decided to open source the code in order to receive improvements and extensions from the international community.

So far, the robot has demonstrated its capabilities through simple games, but developers can use Python to create a plethora of applications for the system. The modular design of the robot allows for a wide range of applications, including food service, customer service, demonstrations, and research and development. Reachy is powered by Luos and is made up of modular parts that you can combine to meet your specific needs. It has an AI system with several trainings included, so you can skip the step before getting your hands on the dough.

Mother Nature inspired Reachy's arms. They have seven degrees of freedom of movement and can be outfitted with a variety of manipulators, ranging from gripper grippers to five-fingered humanoid hands. It is capable of manipulating objects weighing up to 500gr.

Orbita, a one-of-a-kind technology developed by Pollen Robotics' R&D team, animated the head. This ball-joint actuator provides unrivaled dynamic and multidirectional movement. Reachy's animated antennas allow it to convey a wide range of emotions to its audience (happy, sad, excited ...).

You can see it in greater detail in the video above, but there is one thing they don't say: The entry-level single-arm model costs around $9,000, while the superior double-arm and head model costs around $17,000.


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Image: pollen-robotics

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