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REEM C, a humanoid robot

REEM, a humanoid robot created by PAL robotics, can be utilized for a wide range of tasks. REEM can navigate in a variety of environments and entertain people in public spaces because to its autonomous navigation system, user-friendly touch screen, and voice and facial recognition technology. REEM can be found in a variety of locations and can be used to entertain people in public places.
individuals in public places


REEM robot

What is the purpose of REEM-C?

REEM-C is a product in and of itself, which implies it can be bought. Its purpose is to encourage and contribute to robotics-related scientific research by serving as a support platform in universities and laboratories. Its technical characteristics, which range from object manipulation to voice recognition and human interaction, make it a useful tool for both instructional and recreational purposes.

Use of humanoid REEM

REEM-H2 can also transport small packages or serve as a dynamic information point with a variety of multimedia applications, in addition to acting as a guide or entertainment. Consider the following scenario:

- As a representation of an interactive environmental map,

- Display of a variety of data (weather, nearby restaurants, airline travel time, etc. ....),

- Videoconferencing assistance over the phone

Call centers, public spaces

REEM is designed for usage in a variety of public spaces, including hotels, museums, trade shows, special events, retail malls, airports, hospitals, and care facilities, among others. REEM is currently being used as a marketing tool. The cost has yet to be determined.

The third version of PAL Robotics' life-size humanoid robot is called REEM-C. PAL believes it can be used as a receptionist at an event or trade show, to entertain and congratulate guests, to deliver dynamic information, or even to give presentations and speeches in a variety of languages, thanks to its battery life of up to eight hours.

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