Monday, February 21, 2022

Samsung's bot handy does the housework, but it also criticises you.

bot handy

Samsung CES 2021 has showcase some of its new projects, including the robot Bot Handy, which has sparked a lot of interest.

CES is a good time to introduce new products, and Samsung always takes advantage of this event to show off some of their projects, even if they take years to market. One of the strange exhibits at the CES 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic is a robot that assists at home and can almost be described as a roommate in some ways.

Bot Handy is a robot that serves as a support in the home by performing multiple functions that can save the user time. It can detect the environment and objects, as well as their size and weight, thanks to overhead cameras, different sensors, and the artificial intelligence that has been implemented, allowing it to perform some household tasks.

In the video, you can see how Bot Handy fills the dishwasher, serves drinks, displays content on the integrated screen, and serves the table. The closest thing we've seen to a multitasking robot for the home.

Despite its apparent small size, it is capable of stretching and gaining height as needed, as well as extending an arm capable of grasping, moving, and placing objects.

It is a companion capable of "taking care of all the little details of your life," according to Samsung Research director Sebastian Seung. And the use of the word companion is not by chance, as it is also useful for reminding users of things, analyzing their behavior, or even scolding or arguing when necessary.

As an example of the latter, Engadget points out that it can chastise you if it believes you have been sitting in front of the computer for an excessive amount of time. Although this is anecdotal in light of the possibilities, such as following you around the house while on a video call.

In any case, Samsung has chosen not to provide any details about possible release dates or pricing. Because of technological and connectivity advancements, it is clear that robotics will advance significantly in the near future, and the manufacturer wanted to demonstrate the direction in which it is working.

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Image: samsung


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