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Titan, the giant robot that scares with its imposing size

 Titan, the colossal robot that frightens people with its size.


Cyberstein Robots, a British company, has already created seven versions of the machine.

Titan, a massive robot created by the British company Cyberstein Robots, was unveiled in 2004 at the Glastonbury Festival. According to its creators, the machine is "the future of entertainment."

Titan is a mechanized costume that stands 2.4 meters tall and weighs 60 kilograms. Nik Fielding, the designer, explained how the idea came to him in an interview with Blooloop, a company focused on the mechanical attraction business.

"I became very interested in designing and making movie props after watching RoboCop (a fictional character who is a robot cop). I created my own Robocop, thinking I could do better "Fielding explained.

Titan is frequently updated, and there are currently seven different versions of him. "We're always looking for the best in their fields to redesign the robot," Fielding explained.

An actor controls the suit and can see his surroundings through a glass at the top of the costume. However, there is an external assistant who can take over control of the massive Titan robot if something unexpected occurs. Someone, for example, obstructing the actor's visibility.

So far, the robot has traveled to more than 48 countries and has taken part in major events such as the Commonwealth Games. Commonwealth Games competitors include Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, Scotland, and Wales, among others.

A supposed Arab sheikh is seen walking with Titan as if he were his bodyguard in a video that went viral in August. According to the publication "Bahrain's Emir arrived in Dubai accompanied by his robot bodyguard. Space-age robots are no longer a pipe dream "..

The images, however, were captured in Abu Dhabi during the 2019 International Defense Exhibition and Conference (Idex). Furthermore, Titan was a participant in the convention and was not providing any protection services to anyone, as its sole purpose is to entertain.

"Peace and blessings to you, and how are all the visitors doing? The best thing that happened to me this year at Idex was being hired by Safe City Group." The machine thus greeted the Idex convention attendees while wearing a military vest. Furthermore, she was scheduled to speak in both English and Arabic at this event.

Titan's most recent appearance was on Saturday Night Takeaway, a British variety show. Images of rehearsals with one of the presenters were shared on the robot's Instagram account.


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