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What can the Atlas robot do?

 What is the Atlas robot capable of?

Atlas robot


Boston Dynamics is a robotics company that has captured the attention of the entire world in recent years with its Atlas robot, which is probably the most human-like robot we have ever seen and that is periodically reintroduced to the public to demonstrate the capabilities and talents it has acquired during its absence.

The truth is that the company is sharing videos in which you can see how this robotic humanoid overcomes obstacles placed in its path solely to demonstrate that it is more skilled than the average person.

How does the Atlas robot appear?



Finally, the robot overcomes all obstacles, performing highly complex jumps or practicing parkour with the same skill as professionals who have dedicated their entire lives to this discipline, demonstrating its nearly infinite potential.

Atlas, the Robotization of the Future

Boston Dynamics explains that its Atlas robot can perform these skills and actions because it has been trained to mimic human movements, including how to flex its robotic joints in response to a challenge.

Of course, the robot does not have this level of perfection from the start, but rather that endless tests are required until it finally reaches the end of the circuits without falling, bumping, or stopping because one of those obstacles is impossible to overcome.

In any case, the engineers and developers believe there is still much room for improvement and that it will be able to "perform the same range" of movements as humans.

Parkour is their best training method.

It's no coincidence that they've decided to train it by doing some parkour, because this discipline involves fine-tuning characteristics that are highly valued for the future of this type of robotics. We're talking about things like maintaining balance, having good falls after a jump, linking some movements with others without the former negatively affecting the latter, and so on.

Atlas is still far from self-sufficient, relying heavily on the constant vigilance of those who created it, but they remain optimistic about the possibility of creating a "solid foundation for tackling the next set of research problems."


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